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“May you live in interesting times”
The first time I heard the above saying, I thought it was an expression or a prayer for good fortune. Upon research however, I discovered it is purported to be an English translation of a Chinese proverb with the word “interesting” conveying ironic meanings such as chaotic, turbulent and awe inspiring. Please take note of my use of the word “purported” as there has so far been no clear and verifiable evidence to prove that it is actually of Chinese origin. As far as interesting times go, 2014 has been one heck of a ride. You will hardly meet a Nigerian who will attest to having experienced a year such as this one.
2015 has been expressed by various individuals as being a year that will usher in the change so many Nigerians are eagerly seeking for, some see it as being just a number on the calendar, while others have threatened to raise all kinds of hell if the status quo of the leadership of the country is not maintained. Personally, I believe to hav…


Editor's Note: This article was written by Mukhtar Usman-Janguza: A London based Africa and Middle East public affairs, social and economic commentator. He blogs at Follow him on Twitter @JanguzaArewa
What will the new global order look like? What implications will it have for Nigeria’s foreign policy options? How should Nigeria orient itself in this emerging world order? President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Office. Whoever emerges as Nigeria’s President after the 2015 elections should set as one of his priorities the formulation of a new conceptual doctrine to guide Nigeria’s relations with the major world powers)
Historic changes are taking place in the international system that should command our attention. The tectonic plates of world history are moving. Shifts in the global balance of power, barely perceptible 10 years ago, have gathered pace. The unipolar era, characterised by America’s unrivalled primacy in global affairs, is drawing to a …