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“I Wrote This for You” published in July 2017 is the second book from Samirah Sanusi (the author of “S is for Survivor”). It is a collection of poems and words of encouragement and healing for the lost, for the found and for the real battle that comes afterwards; the recovery.
The book, which I had the privilege of editing while it was a manuscript was launched on Saturday, the 19th of August, 2017 at Salamander Café in Abuja. I was also granted the privilege of hosting the launch. As part of the agenda for the launch, I gave a brief opinion of the book and why it was important for everyone to read it. For the benefit of those who were absent and those who were present but didn’t get to hear all that I had planned to say, due to a sudden onset of stage fright, I have reproduced it below for your reading pleasure:
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. You are welcome to the launch of “I Wrote This for You” by Samirah Sanusi. My father used to say “gratitude is always a good point to start…